Fortuna XXI

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Sea-voyage motor ship Bogdan Khmelnitskiy(pr. 737M)

Length - 72

Bulk width - 8m

Board altitude - 2,7m

Draft - 1,3m

Passenger capacity - up to 150 persons

Main engines - 4150 h.p.

Ukrainian register class P1,2"

The motor ship Bogdan Khmelnitskiy is a reconstructed and restored by our company ship which is shining brightly with freshness and novelty. Fascinating voyages on the Dnieper-river and a large amount of entertainments are waiting for the guests. 33 comfortable cabins are at your service. The crew of our motor ship organizes for you cruises, fishing, picnics, in a word there is nothing impossible. A celebration of a wedding banquet aboard our motor can be real exotics for you.

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