Fortuna XXI

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April 2005
Reconstruction of wheleed motor ship Bogdan Khmelnitskiy r.737 is finished.

September 2005
Foating hotel engineering Coliseum r.19541 had begun.

December 2005
Small tourist vessel engineering r.1404. for in-shore cruise had begun.

April 2006
Self-floating houseboat r.1204 had begun its exploitation.

July 2006
Small tourist vessel r.1404 building had begun ( 2-nd riverside region of exploitation).

April 2007
Nonself-propelled house on the water Galleon r.19541 has been completed, total square, 450m2. (Kiev).

March 2007
Rack-mount floating hotel complex engineering for 150 persons had begun (rack-mount place- Kiev).

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