Fortuna XXI

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Sea motor yacht pr.136/780

Length 43m

Width- 7,3m

Board altitude - 3,75m

Draft - 1,6m

Speed - 14 knots

Passenger capacity up to 12 persons.

Main engines - 2395h.p.

Ukrainian Register class - 3

One of the main activities of enterprise Fortuna XXI is building and reequipment of comfortable passenger ships, long up to 70m. Among already built and working motor ships pr. 780 "Edem" and pr.737M Bogdan Khmelnitskiy, designers of enterprise had constructed the first representative of marine vessel-motor steel yacht pr.136/780. This yacht has to be one of the best in similar class. Passengers accommodate in comfortable single and lux cabins, equipped with toilet area and bath.

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