Fortuna XXI

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Motor boat "Coliseum" pr.19541К

Length - 30,5m

Width - 11,3m

Board altitude - 3,0m

Draft - 2,0m

Store amount - 3

Ukrainian Register class В 2

This project is a continuance of house on the water building, suggested by our company as an alternative for luxury private houses.

This beautiful vessel combines in itself all the private house advantages with the beauty of water landscape and nature.

This project has been made as the Flavia amphitheatre resemblance in Rome that gives the possibility to fell yourself as Rome patrician in rich ancient Vespian and Flavia surroundings. A stable bulk made from shipbuilding reinforced concrete will provide the long term of exploitation in fresh end sea water. There is a living space and recreation zone in the house (water-pool, training hall, sauna bath).

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