Fortuna XXI

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Floating propelled cottage (HouseBoat) pr.DV1204

Length - 12,5 m

Width - 4,0 m

Draft - 0.45m

Engine - 140 hp outboard

Passenger capacity - up to 10 people.

Speed - 18-20 km / h

Fuel (petrol) - 400l.

Drinking water - 500L.

Register class KM4NTur Ukraine
In 2004 the company "Fortuna-XXI" embarked on a project of self-propelled floating houses (cottages) for active family holidays. Unlike the big houses on the water this object is intended for travelers waterfronts.

Level of comfort and a sufficiently large amount of living space allows for the possibility of the beautiful multi-day vacation for a family of six people, as well as a party or a picnic for 10 people. In Western Europe, with its developed network of highways of rivers and canals, rest on the water with floating houses (houseboating) enjoys great popularity.

What is HouseBoat? And how it differs from the speed boat? First and foremost the presence of a sufficiently large space for a real holiday, home comforts, as well as shallow, which allows to get into places where other means are unlikely dobereshsya, approaching close to the beach. And you can drop anchor in a beautiful corner of the middle of the water surface and stay two or three days alone with nature, to fish, just on fire kebabs.

Believe me, even the most luxurious car will not give such a sense of freedom and opportunity such as HouseBoat. This small-sized apartment, your home, which is always with you, so long as you are in it - no need to think where would find the night and where you can eat. Here everything is at hand - and a comfortable bed, and a normal-sized TV, and fridge and shower and toilet. A lack of high speed should not be confusing. She needs to quickly protryastis on the waves to a place of rest. Do you travel from the moment of departure of the vessel from the pier - quietly and calmly. No go - are already beginning to prepare and celebrate the beginning of rest, and on the spacious upper deck - even arrange a disco. But amateurs can grab with a jetski, place for him - and plenty of winch for lowering and lifting can be established.

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