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House on the water (pr.2008)

Length -25,0m

Width - 8,0m

Board altitude - 2,0m

Draft - 1,28m

Ukrainian Register class P 1,2"

House on the water - it is the unique problem solving of densely populated city mega polis, overloaded with noise, fuss and the lack of pure air.

In our variant the house on the water is a vessel, rather a dumb vessel, the building of which will be made by our best architectures in the shipbuilding sphere. Building such house, we use the most modern technologies in the sphere of shipbuilding. It will allow you to be sure that your house is your castle, like in ancient times, circled not by dike but by water mirror like surface.

The foundation of a house is firm waterproof corps from shipbuilding concrete or metal. Together with it our company will help you to choose the fasade or interior of your future house. The creation of imitation of an old frigate or galleon on the board of which you will feel yourself like a real sea-dog is not a problem for us.

Our housing on the water is unique mixture of a comfort and free movement. Do you want to change your environment? There is no any obstacle! Your house can be put out to sea and settled down in any place you wish. The only you have to do is ti dial our phone number and to point out wishful place.

One of the embodied projects is The house on water. This original building is really worth praising. Here is the mixture of the beauty of the nature with habitual home comfort. Having the weight of hundreds tons, these houses are floated and have all features of a real vessel: floatation, firmness, floodability, propulsion and etc.

The comfort among water element

Do not think that your water house will have the limited comfort. The offered house on water has not only full complex of public services but also professionally picked furniture and interior design. And picturesque landscape will help you to relax and take pleasure of the harmony from the environment. We can help you to realize your any creative idea and recreate in your house. And if there is the snow outside! It is not a problem! You will never have bad weather in your house. And the leisure will be relieved by the complex of taking down after intensed working day - Finnish bath, Jacuzzi, the pool with heating water, billiard parlour, etc. You will have all it if you wish. The special feature of your house will be the fireplace and winter garden. They will give you warm memories and peace. If you a diving-lover or like winter fishing, we will install in your house ducking shaft. If you like you can spend there a winter boring day fishing, without worrying about cold. This idea is so exclusive, that it is worth implementing. The designers of original houses on water took this idea from the Father, the one, who decided to save the humanity by advising Noah to become a shipbuilder. Noahs Ark, that saved people and animals from death. Was the house on water for them for a long time. Our offer to build a house on water has the guaranteed period of lifetime from 50 to 100 years! There is a popular belief- How you will name your boat, so it will sail. You can commit the choice of name for your boat to us we will take care that your boat sail many years very successfully. And if in some time you would like to change the design of your house we undertake all troubles concerning repair, no matter whether it will be a serious repair or just redecoration. Harmonious combination of comfort and animate nature will help you to relax and enjoy the absence of neighbors and noise. Clean and fresh air will help you to hold the shape and healthy spirit for years.

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