Fortuna XXI

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History of the company

In Ukraine, the "discoverer" of housing on the water is a private company "Fortuna-XXI».
The company provides engineering and construction of luxury housing on floating foundations, as well as any of your floating structures.
Our experienced architects and engineers, shipbuilders with the most exquisite of your wishes will design, manufacture and install in a convenient place concrete floating platforms, floating platforms for summer cafes and restaurants, floating hotels and office buildings, boat lifts.
The most advanced technology that we applied during construction, allow us to quickly obtain high-quality execution of your order.
Without disturbing the architectural integrity of the shoreline, we create a place to berth your swimming facilities.
And if you're a fan of fishing, or dream of owning their own "fishing business", you'll love it we have developed a line for fish.

In addition to our capabilities include refurbishment and upgrading of motor yachts, passenger ships.
Private enterprise is not the first year working in Ukraine. During this time the company has a reputation for honest and reliable partner. Guarantee of excellent quality - one of the hallmarks of the company.

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