Fortuna XXI

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Floating self-moving houseboat Project N-1204

Length - 12,5m

Width - 4,0m

Draft - 0.45m

Outboard engine- 140 (power)

Passenger capacity - 10 persons

Speed about 18-20 km/hour

Fuel tanks store (petrol) 400

Drinking water tanks 500 l.

Ukrainian Register class 4

In 2004 enterprise "Fortuna-XXI had begun to work on floating self-moving house boat project. This boat is designed for sea voyage lovers in distinction from big water house.

The comfort level and considerable living space is a guarantee for having a great and lasting rest for the 6 family members or making a party or picnic for 10 persons.

In Western Europe, the housing habitation on the water with floating houses is widely spread because of extensive river and seaway canal network

What is this house boat? What is the difference from motor boat?

First of all there are a lot of space for having a good rest. Home comfort and small draft craft is an advantage to get to the beach. You can settle down in a picturesque water place and to be alone with nature, fishing and roast shashlik on the boat.

Believe that the most luxury auto is nothing comparatively with house boat possibilities. It is a small flat, your house, which one is always with you and while you are in there is no necessity to think where to pass the night or to have a snack. In this house everything at hand comfortable bad, TV, refrigerator, bath and toilet.

You wont confuse because of high speed absence. Our relaxation begins from boat moving away- quietly and silently. While moving we begin to prepare cooking and celebrate the rest beginning, on the main deck it is possible to make disco party. If you are fond of speed racing you can take Jet ski. There are a lot of spaces for it and it is possible to settle down the lift for descent and rising.

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