Fortuna XXI

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The castle Vidubichi

Are you dreaming of turning back time and going into medieval period when honour and glory of knights was above all? No problem! We have created such time machine for it the castle Vidubichi The past and the present are combined here and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish if it is reality or dreams. The atmosphere created at the restaurant beginning with interior design carried out in medieval traditions and fishing with indispensable attributes of knights meal keeps such feelings. 3 huge banquet rooms of the castle for 50 persons, and 2 for 200 persons) will let you organize the most refined banquet. And when you are delight with the meal and want some rest, one of 6 cozy rooms of the castle mini-hotel will waiting for you.

Believe us, you and your guests will fell yourself as the real king Arthur and Knights of the Round Table.

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